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masten-wanjala:-kenyan-child-killer-escapes-from-police-custody masten-wanjala:-kenyan-child-killer-escapes-from-police-custody


Masten Wanjala: Kenyan child killer escapes from police custody

Masten Wanjala, a man who confessed to killing more than 10 children in Kenya, has been declared missing after escaping from police cells in Nairobi.

Masten Wanjala could not be found on Wednesday, a day he was due to appear in court.

Police said they noticed he had disappeared during the morning roll call.

However, authorities have launched a hunt for the man they have described as extremely dangerous.

Three police officers who were on duty at the time of his escape from Jogoo Road police station, in the Eastlands area of Nairobi, have been arrested.

Wanjala was arrested in July and confessed to drugging and killing the young boys, as well as drinking their blood in some cases.

He was being detained during police investigations into the series of child killings that shocked the nation.